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Sightseeing on Koh Yao
Places of Interest in Koh Yao, Thailand

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Koh Yao is located in the Phang Nga Bay of Thailand, neighbored by the famous tourist destinations of Phuket and Krabi. The landscape with its ragged limestone cliffs, beautiful coves and azure tropical ocean are the perfect place for diving, snorkeling, sailing or simply relaxing on the beach.

There are many beaches and bays on Koh Yao that are worth a visit:

Had Pasai lies about 7 kms. from Koh Yao Noi's District Office (referred to as the Amphur). It is a white sandy beach shaded by a line of trees where swimming is safe. The islands in the distance off Krabi form a panorama in the distance.

The beach stretching from Lo Jak Pier of white sand and clear water with some rocks appear during low tide. You can see the fantastic sunset here among tranquil atmosphere.
Lo Jak Beach Phang Nga Thailand Lo Jak Beach Phang Nga
Lo Jak Pier: The large pier for boats services to Phuket. The pier which has beautiful beach and clear water, the place of relaxation for villagers in the evening.


Had Tah Kao is approximately 5 kms. From Koh Yao Noy's District Office. Intricately lined, colorful rocks both large and small are the attraction of this beach. Just offshore is Koh Nok, a tiny island that can be conveniently reached on foot at low tide. It is covered by very interesting wild plants and orchids.
Ao Tikood is a bay with a white sandy beach. On the north is a rocky point from which can be seen a very beautiful panorama. The shore is shaded by a line of casuarinas trees.


Ao Klong Sohn has a while sandy beach shaded by evergreens, with variously colored sea rocks and small boulders. In this bay you can swim, look at lovely corals during low tide, or search for shellfish.



The beach facing the west that can see the sunset amidst the islands in Phuket Sea. The beach is parallel the lines of coconut palms of shady and peaceful atmosphere. North of the beach at the cape tip are beautiful rocks wher the road is accessible.




where the National Park Ranger Unit is located is the dwelling area of various birds and the preservation area of gibbons. You can read Phang Nga hotel review and booking hotels in Phang Nga at triponsale.com


Koh Kudu Noi Passing by Koh Roi with its large hong, to anchor off the Kudu Group again with fine hongs and scenery. Just ½ mile to the south is Koh Yao Noi with great opportunities to explore by dinghy.



Koh Phanak The first overnight stop is at a jungle encrusted, cliff edged island, rising to nearly 1300 feet. The caves and land enclosed lagoons (hongs) are worthy of exploration. Koh Yang Towering karst limestone famously shown in many media, calm anchorage and great base to visit OO7 Island by High Aspects’ dinghy after running past the cliffs of Koh Daeng Yai.
Hong Archipelago With its principal, Koh Hong, has some 20 islands to explore, again best by dinghy, Koh Hong itself has the most impressive lagoon inside the island and accessible by dinghy, with just a small entrance through the eroded limestone. Whilst Koh Pak Bia’s curved sandy beach and fine snorkeling are just to the north and Koh Ka is worthy of a pass by on the return leg.
Located at the north of Koh Yao Yai under Phang Nga Bay National Park’s responsibility. The curved bay of 50 m long with crystal clear water and white clear sandy beach surrounded by the mountain range and cliffs. You can swim at the beach where the very large trees are grown. Their very large trunk needs many arms to hold.
Kian Bay can be accessible only by boats. You can rent the boats at Manor Pier or ask for information at the residence.


an be reached by long-tailed boats about 20 minutes from Koh Khai nok. Having almost the same features as Koh Khai Nai with outstanding beaches from the north to the west, rocks and clear sea. It is the area of coral reefs for diving and delightful atmosphere of beach forests.



Can be reached by long-tailed boats from Lo Jak Pier of Koh Yao Yai about 40 minutes. It is a small wonderful island of very white clear sand and crystal clear water. There are the areas of good swimming and skin diving where many fishes are found.


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