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From sea to measure the distance from the head to the tip of the island sandbar measuring approximately 2 km for the right moment. Since water does not have to look down. That was the unrealized sandbar. I only enough water (The water level is about 1.5 meters) Delta first point to the end turns out to be.

It is envisaged that Marvel is very When it came down to stand at the head stomping into the sand mixed with shell fragments to a destination at a Long Island. While the water is steadily decreasing. What an atmosphere Marvel ultimate On the way to see the lifestyle of the people who come to the shells in it.

Travel By Private Longtail Boat 3 Hrs Price per person
Pick up and transfer back from Phuket Hotel / Bangrong Pier 2800 THB
Pick up and transfer back from Kohyao Hotel 1500 THB
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