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What to Do in Koh Yao Noi
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Koh Yao Noi does not have any particular landmark or stunning view point, nevertheless, while driving around, you will discover a place that has changed very little in 20 years, aside from a few more motorbikes and the new 7-Eleven. A drive around its quiet roads reveals a place of true peace and simplicity for the Backpackers Hosteller.

Koh Yao Island Resort  Wooden houses all along the roads, buffalos taking mud baths in the rice paddies, the cool, shaded roads passing through the many rubber plantations and the beauty of the mangrove with its trees standing in the middle of the sea are just a few of the natural charms of this simple island. The laid-back feeling of the island is contagious, time slows down and nothing seems to pressure the inhabitants who spend a lot of time chatting in small groups, lounging in the afternoon under salas or in hammocks.

A road circles the island, mostly paved concrete, sometimes just a track, but driving is fairly easy. The beaches are mainly on the east coast, while the west coast is blanketed in rice fields and lined with mangroves. You will find few restaurants and few bars along the coastline with only a small village near the pier with small local shops and all the government buildings including a school, hospital, police station, and electricity and post offices. Another small concentration can be found at the Tha Krao Pier to Krabi on the east coast.

To get around, motorbikes (200 Baht for a half day) and tuk-tuks are available for hire.


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